About Bamboo 52

Bamboo 52 is Located minutes from Time Square and featuring the freshest Seafood NYC has to offer. Great for all gatherings and open 7 days a week. Chef John Greco, owner of Bamboo 52, opens his doors rethinking sushi. New flavors coupled with style, all in a multi-space venue that is truly exceptional. Greco’s passion for quality is made real in every dish served; all a product of his skill of blending contrasting ideas and flavors. Such allows for a new chapter in Japanese cuisine by way of this thrilling venture.

Bamboo 52 Features the freshest seafood that is flown in daily. The superior quality of the food guaranties that customers will have a pleasant experience and will surely return. The food is expertly prepared by Greco’s highly trained chefs and kitchen staff who go above and beyond when it comes to customers food needs and specifications. Bamboo 52 is the ideal venue for hosting intimate gatherings to grand events. Can’t make it out of the office? Let us cater your lunch or dinner meeting in the convenience of your own space. From simple to elaborate, we cater to you! Our fully customizable menu will make your event unique and memorable.


About The Chef/Owner: John Greco III

Headshot of Chopped contestant chef John Greco wearing a dark gray chefs jacketI grew up in New Jersey, right over the George Washington Bridge. My mother was a housewife, my father an electrician (a union guy) and I wanted to be an artist. I hated school and didn’t do that well, and while everyone was sending applications to schools, I sent one to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). I loved art my whole life, and I have an eye for it, but I always said I didn’t want to be a starving artist. I love to eat and always cooked at home with my Italian grandma, and it always came out great. I busted my tail at CIA: classes nine hours a day, six days a week, and three hours of homework every night. From there I went to an externship and walked in the back doors of restaurants I saw in magazines, which led me to the original Le Cirque in Manhattan. The chef was having a crazy day, and he didn’t bother with me. But I returned every day for almost a week and kept bothering him until he said he’d take me in. I was the only American person in the kitchen, and I wouldn’t leave. This experience helped tremendously when I returned to school. I breezed through my second year. After that I took off, picked up a Michelin guide and started working in Italy and Germany. I’ve since designed and built four restaurants. We opened Philip Marie 11 years ago, and after being in Europe I said when I open my own place, I want it to be American. The concept is the best quality cuisine we have in this country, including all American wines and beers. I’m doing something I love, and how many people can say that? Being a chef is not a job — it’s a whole lifestyle. I can make people happy through food and drink. You can prepare a dish they remember for the rest of their lives. If I ever sell my restaurants and retire, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop being a chef. I see myself having a little place by the beach, cooking, where I invite people over every day for an unbelievable outdoor barbecue.